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Hi-dee-ho everyone, Dory here,  welcome to another 
Travel Tuesday!!!
This week we are going to start a series (two, possibly three, Tuesdays) of
Mama, Daddy and the Mini's Caribbean Vacation to Bonaire!!

This is one of those trips I was happy to stay home for!
 Just look how far away it is on the map!!

Well....guess what, it took Mini Dory (and the rest of the minis) and my peeps even longer to get there!! 
Why don't you tell them about the journey, Mini Dory???

Thanks Big Dory!! Let me tell you, this was a long and tiring journey...thank goodness the peeps had me to escort them!! 

First,  it was a 5 hour drive from our house to the San Francisco airport...

Hey Mama and Daddy, stop being so silly...
Don't make me stop this car!!!

Sheesh...You would think they could sit still in peace and quiet for a few hours and let a Mini concentrate on the road!!!

Once we arrived at the airport we hopped on a plane and I flew 87 hours alllllllll the way across the country to Mama's home state of New Jersey!! 

It was OMD late/early (3AM EST) when we finally got 

Thank goodness I had made a reservation at a hotel where we could rest and take a shower!!

Bright, and WAY TOO EARLY, the next morning I woke the peeps up and hustled them to the airport where I flew them another 87 hours to Bonaire!!! I hustled and bustled, got the luggage and made sure we got to our hotel where I unpacked the boyz....

...and then I headed out for a well deserved Pina Colada and Cheezy-burger!!
Unfortunately, after all that travel, I fell asleep and when I woke up....Mama and Daddy were

I got Arty, Bilbo and Jakey looking for them right away! Meanwhile,  I had another Pina Colada and collected my thoughts!

Arty questioned the locals.
Be careful Arty!!

Bilbo questioned the hotel staff.....

...and Jakey talked to the Underwater Policecrustaceans
before we finally got a lead on where they may have gone.....

Stay tuned next week and see where we finally find our 

Happy Travel Tuesday!!!
Today we are continuing our journey through Bonaire
with Mini Dory and the Mini Boyz!!

When we last left the Minis they were about
to go looking for Mama and Daddy..... 

We had a blast under the sea and totally get why Ariel and Nemo love it so much!

 Click HERE  to go to YouTube and watch a movie Mama made starring some of our new friends!

Join us next week when our guide Flo, the Flamingo, shows us around the island!

Bon bini tur hende and welcome to Travel Tuesday!!!
That means good day everybody in Papiamentu, one of the languages spoken in Bonaire.

  Today we are continuing our journey with some history and information about the island!

I have recruited one of my new friends Flo the Flamigo (Bonaire's signature bird) to be our tour guide!

Why thank you Mini Dory! Now Minis, there is a bunch to learn about the island. I understand you have secured transportation for us Arty???

All ready, Flo!!!

One of Bonaire's oldest draws has been it's solar salt mines! Here you can see the pink salt flats! Check out the cool pink water!

Unfortunately, back in the 1600's, slaves were brought in to work the salt flats (along with inland farming). Above we have some of the housing or "slave huts" the slaves lived in. These huts were not even big enough to stand up in!! Sometimes we just don't understand humans, and the things they did to each other,  AT ALL!

If you look up there you will see the Willemstoren Lighthouse, one of Bonaire's first lighthouses. It was established in the late 1800's and sits at the southern point of the island!

Of course the sun and fun is what Bonaire is most known for, Minis!! The clear, warm water makes for the great scuba diving your pawrents like to do but did you know there is another big extreme sport that draw tourists to the island??

That's right, the wonderful tradewinds make bays and inlets a great place for windsurfing! Just check out this guy zooming along!!

Whew, it's been a long day of sightseeing, now let's sit back and enjoy the best part about Bonaire....relaxing and watching the sun set over the water!!!

Stay tuned next week when we take a look at the wonderful things the island does for some of it's animals!!

 APRIL 2015
Earlier this Spring Mama and Daddy made a quick trip down to my hometown
(In case you didn't know, I was born in College Station, TX and raised in Austin)

Everybody is always so friendly in Texas, even the garbage containers have big smiles on their faces!!

Daddy had a "busy-ness" conference at a big ranch hotel called Lost Pines!
They were there at the very beginning of May and couldn't believe it was cold enough for a
fire in the fireplace. Mini Me and I thought this would be a nice place to relax and catch up
(thanks to the magic of Pizap!)

They had beautiful trees and trails,

A great big golf course,

and Mama really enjoyed the rocking chairs overlooking the Guadalupe River!!!

There was bunches of wildlife on the ranch too!!

Here is Mama's good friend the road runner. This little guy ran back in forth in front of their
room for the whole 4 days they were there!

Here is a guy who looks just like Bevo...the mascot for the University of Texas Longhorns!
He hung out in a field in back of the ranch!

Mama said the squirrels were everywhere...and made sure we knew this would be a great place
to come back for Ruby's Squirrel Roping!!

Now this squirrel will be a real challenge to rope!! 
Things are always bigger in Texas, you know!

Mama and Daddy made sure to visit their favorite Tex Mex and BBQ restaurants while they were in town!!

Mama and Daddy had a blast on their trip....
Thanks for tagging along while we told you about it!!

Join me (Big Dory) and Mini Dory next week for the first of a two part Travel Tuesday series
about Mama and Daddy's tropical trip to Bonaire!!

14 States in 10 Days!

Welcome to Travel Tuesday!!
Mama is starting a "new trend" to document all the cool stuff we do! We know these might be a bit ummmmmm....well, let's just say Mama takes LOTS of pictures and has a hard time knowing when to stop. We are going to try and keep them to a minimum...but that Mama has a mind of her own!!

Feel free to post your own Travel Tuesday if you want and use our badge...if enough peeps and pets want to join us, Mama will start a Blog Hop!

 The next 10 weeks or so will be all about our (Dory and Mama's) 14 States in Ten Days Road Trip! 
Mama and I drove to pick up some things in Wisconsin and then drove back!! We had a great time and saw bunches of our beautiful country!!

Here is a map of our first day of driving we started at our home (A) and drove ALL the way to Reno (B)!!
Because it was just us girls, we stayed to the major highways where there would always be cell phone service....well except for the first couple hours where we had to drive through the mountains!

We left EARLY in the I was still a little tired!

This is one of the mountains we passed by during the first part of the trip.

"Mama, I have to go potty"
(Don't worry...this is as far as I can go forward since I am buckled in for safety! Also, Mama took this while we were stopped for road construction :-))

Thank goodness there was a rest stop close by....we stopped so Mama and I could
stretch our legs and "use the facilities". Mama brought a brand new box of potty bags for me...the girlie kind that smell like perfume!!  
Here I am looking at the beautiful view from the rest area!

Beautiful mountains!!!

Mama says I asked this a lot!!!

After the mountains we spent time driving down Interstate 5 heading south towards Sacramento! They have lots of cool rest areas on I-5!
 This one looked like a ranch!!

I could have stayed there for hours just reading the pee-mail!!!
But Mama said we had to go in order to make it to Reno by dark!
So, we hopped back in the car and hit the road!

Once we got into Sacramento, we hung a left onto Interstate 80.
Before long, we came upon pretty mountains and lakes!!!

There was even some leftover snow!!!

Before I knew it...(there may have been a nap involved)...we were at the hotel!!!!

Mama and I ate dinner and then snuggled in for the evening...
Mama even brought my Mini-Brothers so I wouldn't get lonely!!!

Nighty night!!!

Thanks so much for joining us for Travel Tuesday and we hope to see you next week for
Day 2 of 14 States in 10 Days!!

Happy Travel Tuesday on Monday!! 
I have cheer-leading practice tomorrow, but I wanted to tell you about the second day on my  
14 States in 10 Days Girls Road Trip with Mama!!
If you missed Day 1 you can click HERE to catch up!
Next week Mama will be creating a tab at the top of our page for our trips PLUS a few travel tips for traveling with your Canine BFF!

 Mama and I drove from Reno, NV to Salt Lake City, UT on the second day!!!

On Day 2,  Mama and I started our daily routine.  
First, I slept in while Mama took a shower and packed things up.

Then, we would take a morning walkie! It is very important to get your morning exercise in when you are going to be in a car during most of the day!!

We stayed in La Quinta's every night! 
They are very dog friendly. Since this was a spur of the moment trip, we didn't have time to do much hotel research. Mama stayed in LQ's when we did our move from Texas to California so they seemed like the best bet for this road trip too!!

Anyways, after our morning walkie,  I would hop in the car (Mama would buckle me up for safety) and waited for Mama load our suitcases into the car!

Then we hit the road!! 
We stayed on I-80 for all of Day 2 (along with day 3 and day 4)!  In Nevada, I-80 is part of The Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway!

I-80 in Nevada is also close to the California Trail, one of the trails that wagon trains used to travel to California!!!

We saw lots of mountains in the distance. Mama says these are the beginning of the Rockies!

I was amazed at how big they were!!! 
(and also a bit tired!)

....and how pretty!!!

Of course, I made sure we made lots of stops to stretch our paws!

With all that pretty scenery, Nevada just flew by and before I knew it we were in Utah!!!
We stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats and noticed the mountains were getting even BIGGER (you can see them behind the sign)!!

OK...maybe not on this side of the road. This side on the road had all the salt! Yep...that isn't snow (it was actually around 70 degrees outside), this is SALT!! Very cool, huh?!

Only another couple of hours and we arrived at our hotel!! Mama unloaded our luggage and, after we ate dinner,  we headed out for a sunset walkie!!

Just look how pretty the sunset was!!!

After a quick game of tuggy, Mama and I fell asleep.
All in all this was a GREAT day 2!!

We hoped you enjoyed Day 2 of our Road Trip! 

Join us next Tuesday (our regular day) for Day 3....Utah and Wyoming!!!

Hi everybody and welcome to another Travel Tuesday!!

Today I want to tell you about Day 3 of my 14 States in 10  Days Tour with Mama! On day 3 Mama and I left Salt Lake City, Utah  and hit the road for Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Mama and I woke up before it was even light outside. Mama said something about missing the traffic in the city but I think she just wanted to get to a pretty place and watch the sunrise!!

Mama says this is Park City in Utah. All I know is it had the prettiest sunrise ever!!!

Mama....I don't care if the, "light is perfect," this is no time for a selfie. Look over's a squirrel!!

We drove a little bit further and found a very nice rest stop where we went for our morning walkie!

Just look at the lake we found!

...and the pretty red mountains!

We wrapped up our beautiful morning walkie and hit the road heading into Wyoming!

We saw lots of cut off mountains...Mama called them "Flat-irons" and "Plateaus", but I just called them way cool!!

We also saw lots of trains! Daddy would have loved the route we took because we saw trains and train tracks during almost everyday of our trip!

Of course we stopped bunches to stretch our paws!
 Mama was thinking she was soooo very funny and people would think I was Wyoming Wildlife. 
Sometimes Mamas are so very silly!

There were lots of open fields with big mountains in the background  at this rest stop!

There was even, SNOW!!!

Mama and I think this picture best describes our travel through Wyoming! 

Since we left Salt Lake City so very early...we arrived Cheyenne pretty early too!
Here I am at the hotel telling Mama I am bored....

"Maybe we could do a bit of shopping Mama? Do you think they have a Pet store?"

So we went out to find a Pet store....and found a Petco, just like at home! 
Mama bought me some foodables AND a new scarf!!

While we were out, we picked up dinner for Mama too!

This hotel was in a pretty busy freeway, unfortunately,  there were no cool places to do walkies. 
We did play a couple of good tuggy games and I won, as usual! But it was a good way to exercise Mama out so she would sleep well.
Mama and I watched some TV...and hit the hay a bit early!
Thanks so much for joining us for Day 3 of our journey! Join us next week for Day 4!!
 (on Monday 'cause the big soccer game is on Tuesday)

Welcome to Travel Tuesday!!! This week I want to tell you about Day 4 of my "14 States in 10 Days" adventure with Mama!

Today it is all about Day 4, where we drove from Cheyenne, WY all the way across Nebraska to Omaha!! This was actually the shortest day of our trip!

OMD Mama.....why must we leave so very early in the morning??
(Mama said something about me being a very good watchdog and yelping my most shrill bark when any person walked by the hotel room door making it a bit hard to sleep.)

Did you know the MOON is still out??

Again, I think she just likes taking pictures of the sunrise!!!

Anyways...after a VERY short walkie we hit I-80!!

Since our early morning walkie was short, Mama made sure we took extra long rest stops. The rest stops all through Nebraska were very pretty and probably some of the cleanest and well maintained of the whole trip!!

We were so very lucky and had lots of sunshine and perfect temperatures! Here I am soaking up some sun!!

We were glad it wasn't too warm...'cause then these guys might have been out!

Don't worry, I told Mama we should stay on the trails and keep our noses and eyes alert! No silly snakes were sighted!!

At one of the rest stops we saw lots of these pretty yellow birdies..Mama says they are about as big as any of you all from the Midwest know what kind of birdies these may be???

I was headed over to take a look when.....

....This happened....
MOTHER!!!! You pick the WORST time for ussies!!

Mama made it up to me with a picnic lunch!!!
It was a bit windy, but there were squirrels to spy and collect intel on and the breeze was warm!

Just a little bit after lunchtime....we were in Omaha!!!!

You know Mama...I see your wallet still has green papers in it, and look what is over across the street. Maybe a bit of shopping is in order???? We could buy pressies for the Boyz.....

Teeheehee...Mama's are so easy sometimes! After we ate some dinner, Mama took me over and we bought some bones that I didn't like so we brought them home for the Boyz!

All that shopping, along with the big walkie we took around the Petsmart shopping center,  wore me Mama said something about being up since before after some relaxing and light tuggy play we both conked out!!

We hope you enjoyed Day 4 of our journey. Make sure to join us next Tuesday for Day 5 when we travel through the infamous states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota!!

Dory here, to wish you another Happy Travel Tuesday!!
On Travel Tuesday we (or sometimes our Mini Me's) 
tell you all about our travels!!

 Today I'll be telling you about Day 5 of our 14 States in 10 Days trip! If you haven't read about the first four days you can read about them HERE or click on the tab towards the top of our blog named Travel Tuesdays

Mama and I are doing the day to day posts about this trip so you can see fun things about traveling with your human! PLUS, it will show how we pets can make what, in Mama's case, what might have been a boring and rather sad trip into a special experience we will both treasure always! 

By documenting it here, we can go back anytime and re-read all the special things we did together!!
We want to thank our readers for being patient with us as we take 87 million (or maybe 10) weeks of our Tuesdays with different days the same trip.

Now....on to Day 5!!

The sun better be up, Mama!!!!

We woke up in Omaha and I was amazed to see the sun was already up!!  
Mama said something about how the hotel not being very busy, so there was not much need for my barking constantly security services!

Let's go Mama!!
I was bright eyed, bushytailed and ready to 
hit the road!!

The first of the 87 billion farm pictures

On day 5 we began the "Great Farms of the USA" tour! For some reason, Mama just loves to take pictures of these farmhouses!

Catching wind not passing wind
We also saw bunches of these things while we were driving through Iowa!! Mama says they catch wind and make energy out of it.....

Close up of a wind catcher
 They were pretty cool and as long as they weren't passing stinky wind like Arty does, they were ok with me!'

Are we there yet???
 We kept driving and driving through until...
OMD Mama, there it is!!!!!

 We passed RIGHT BY the infamous town of Hampton, Iowa. This is where my Daddy and a couple of his brothers were born!!
How very cool is that!! I told Mama to text the picture to Daddy (as soon as we stopped at our next rest stop)!!

87th farm Mama took a picture of...
We passed about 87 more farms and made sure we waved at everyone all through Iowa, just in case we passed Stella, Gussie and MaggieMae!

Before I knew it we arrived in Stephens Point, Wisconsin!!!

Mama...if you don't walk off all that fast food you are going to get a tummy ache!!
 After we checked into our hotel room and ate dinner, I let Mama know a hike was in order. She tried to tell me it was too windy, but I wasn't going to let a little wind stop us!!

Why yes....that IS another farm, bet you weren't surprised either!
 We found a pretty park and walked around looking for squirrels
at all the wonderful views!!

"Mama, just let me chase a couple of those squirrels!!"

 I even let Mama take a couple of pictures of me with the lovely view.  I might have been a bit pre-occupied, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right??

Nighty night!
 What a farm-fun-filled day we had!!!
I was all tuckered out after our walkie....I fell asleep before my little head hit the pillow!!

Day 5-Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin (and an itty bitty bit of Minnesota)
We hope you enjoyed Day 5 of our journey!!
Join us next week when, after we load up the stuff we drove out here for, we start heading Northwest 
on Day 6 of 14 States in 10 Days!!

This week let me take you with Mama and I on Day 6 of our
14 States in 10 Days Adventure! 

Before we go on, I wanted to let you know why Mama and I made this trip to Wisconsin (thanks for asking Madi!).  
Back in March my Grandma Gail (my Daddy's Mama) went over the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven. Being the wonderful woman she is, she made sure that Daddy and his brothers and sister chose effurything they wanted from her house.  Daddy chose the things he wanted and then returned to California, unfortunately, all the things Daddy chose didn't fit in their suitcase! Mama told Daddy not to worry about a thing, she and I (Dory) would drive out to get the stuff and drive back!!

On Day 6, we stopped by and picked up the things Daddy chose from Grandma Gail's house and drove through Wisconsin,  Minnesota and then to Fargo, North Dakota! This was another pretty short day for us.

Come on Mama....time to get moving, we need to be in Edgar by 9AM sharp!!
The drive went pretty fast and after hitting a bit of traffic in Wausau, we were in Edgar!!

Are you done filling up the car already, Mama?? 

Are you sure you packed everything up safely???

It only took Mama about 20 minutes to pack up the car. Daddy had gotten everything all boxed up before he and Mama flew home (Daddy is very organized)!  Uncle Matthew helped Mama by bringing it out of the house and Mama packed up the car!! 
Of course,  I supervised from the front seat!! 

 Then.....we were back on the road again!!!
Paulie and I snuggled bunches and took lots of quality naps together!!

Mama didn't make too many stops on this day....or take very many pictures with her fancy camera.
She did take this silly photo and said that seeing me smiling every time she came back to the car always put a smile on her face too!!

But....this was one of the BESTEST DAYS of the trip for me because, after TEN YEARS.....I got to try my VERY FIRST FRENCH FRY!!!!

 Mama says it was a reward for being a very well behaved girl!!
I took it very gently and wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first.

 Hmmmm, maybe if I hold it in my paws and take a little nibble.

MAMAMAMA!!!! Why has it taken you TEN YEARS to let me try these delicious, wonderful, tasty morsels!!! Unfortunately, this was the only fry I got!! 
I am not suppose to tell my brothers, so please don't let them know I got to try a french fry...ok???
There may have been a long from too many carbs power nap after this because when I woke up we were at the hotel!!!!

We got to stay in a brandy new La Quinta with a bed right by the window and guess what???

Oh yeah...there were SQUIRRELS outside!!!!!! I talked Mama into taking me for a long squirrel hunt walk after dinner.....

It was windy...but I saw lots of squirrels!!

Once again, Mama said NO when I asked if she could just stay by herself while I went squirrel hunting. 
Mamas are so very needy sometimes!!!

When we got back from our walkie, I tucked Mama in and we called it a night!

Join us next week when we drive all the way across North Dakota and then to Billings, Montana!

Happy Travel Tuesday!! Thank you for stopping by as I continue my account of our 14 States in 10 Days journey!!

Today our journey takes us west from Fargo, North Dakota to Billings, Montana!
It was a long driving day that took us through some beautiful countryside. This was also the warmest day of the trip as temperatures hit the mid 80's (F)!

"Would you like me to drive today Mama??'"

"BOL....I know, I know, my paws can't reach the pedals...BOL"

We had a nice morning walkie at a beautiful rest area in North Dakota....

It was another windy day...but it was a nice warm breeze, so I didn't mind!

Plus, it kept all the energy windy mills busy!!

Not to mention all the interesting smells the wind brought!!

Soon we were back on the road for a few hours before stopping for lunch at another rest stop.

"Hey Mama...quit taking pictures and come get me! You won't believe what's over there!"

This rest area looked like an old gas station, how pawesome is that??!!  The people rest rooms were inside, and the doggie restrooms were around the back!!

Just look at the old pumps!!!

After lunch,  Paulie and I took a nap while Mama drove.

When I woke up, we were in Montana!! Mama stopped for gas and saw this abandoned ranch/barn. Mama says this picture reminds her of the "essence" of Montana.

After Mama fueled up, Paulie and I took another nap. As most of you know,  traveling and keeping bored Mamas interested and alert is very hard work!!

While Paulie and I were napping, Mama pulled over at a rest area to go potty and took a picture of the beautiful Yellowstone River!

Finally, we made it to Billings!! It was worth the wait because we stayed at another new LQ  AND it was right next to a.....

CRACKER BARREL!! Now, I'm not sure exactly what a Cracker Barrel is, but my friend Sugar always stops at them when she is traveling  and Mama was drooling a bit at the thought of dinner!!
She called and got hers, "To Go". Alas, she didn't share. It did make her smile when she was eating though, and we all know that Happy Mamas give out more before bedtime snacks!!

After dinner, we got our first bad weather of the trip....Mama said it was because cold air was moving
in and bumping up against the warm air!!

I snuggled real close to Mama so she wouldn't be scared of the thunder, and we fell asleep...

I'm glad we went to bed early because the next day would be the most exciting (weatherwise) of the whole trip!!!!

Thanks for joining us for Day 7 of our 14 States in 10 Days journey....If you missed any part of our journey you can click HERE or on the Travel Tuesday Tab at the top of the page to catch up!!

Wahoo, it's time for another Travel Tuesday!!

Today we are heading west from Billings, Montana to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho on Day 8 of our
14 States in 10 Days Road Trip!!

If you joined us last week, you will remember me saying Day 7 was the warmest day of the trip. Well, Day 8 proved to be the coldest, snowiest day!!!

This is what Mama and I woke up to:

OMD.....It's SNOWING!!!!
Mama got us all ready to go, borrowing a hotel towel to clean off our car!! There was like 87 inches of snow on it 
(ok, so maybe 2 or 3)!!

Mama, I am a Texas Gal....I don't know if I can go potty in the SNOW!!!

We went out for a VERY quick potty walk. Mama looked at the weather and they said the snow was pretty light and stopped about 50 miles outside of Billings. Mama, being the not very smart  trusting gal she is, decided we should hop in the car and head out!

Here we are 75 miles outside of Billings and the snow STILL hadn't stopped!!

I don't know Mama, the snow and wind haven't stopped yet.

Maybe we should stay at the rest area for a bit?? 

We did stop for a little while, but Mama was scared it might get even worse, so we got back on the road to drive out of the storm.

It did get worse when we were going over the big mountains....and Mama said a few HBO words as she drove by 87 foot tall semi trucks. 

But, when we got to the other side of the mountain it was like it had never snowed.

It was still a bit chilly and cloudy, but I told Mama that we both needed a walkie to relax, unwind and stretch our pawsies!!

Montana is a very beautiful state when it isn't snowing!!

Come on Mama, just five minutes alone with them!
After another 2 or 3 hours in the car, we started driving through pretty forests! 
We all know where there are trees, there are

It looks like those squirrels were having a blast, just look at all those pine cones!!!

I took another little nap as Mama drove the rest of the way through Montana and into Idaho. Before I even woke up, we were at our hotel!!!!

What a difference 9 hours makes! 
Instead of cold and snowy like Eastern and Central Montana,

it was 70 degrees with blue, blue skies!!!

After the looonnnnggggg day of dealing with the bad weather, I told Mama a short evening walkie would be just fine.

So after dinner and some TV, we hit the pillows and fell asleep right away!

We hope you had fun on our journey from Montana to Idaho, thanks so much for sharing it with us! If you missed any part of our journey you can click HERE or on the Travel Tuesday Tab at the top of the page to catch up!!

Hi there, and welcome to another Travel Tuesday!!

We are up to Day 9 on our 14 States in 10 Days tour and making our way back into the Pacific Northwest!!

Come on Mama, let's get going!! It's a long ride from here to Oregon!

It was a beautiful morning, so Mama and I took a nice walkie in a beautiful rest area just inside the Washington border!

We found this cute little stream to walk along before getting back into the car and heading for Oregon!

After what seemed like 87 hours, we finally stopped for a snack and walk on the the beautiful Columbia River in Oregon

They call this "The Gorge" area of the Columbia River, because it is in this beautiful canyon!! We followed it all the way to Portland!

They had tons of Windy Energy Makers along the top of gorge...

Oregon sure is pretty!!

The have big mountains!!

Plus, we got to see some pawesome waterfalls!!!

It even looks like a horsetail, don't you think??

After we left the waterfall, we drove to the hotel...BUT
I wasn't quite ready to go to bed yet....
"Maybe we can go watch the sunset Mama??"

So Mama and I took a nice long walk and watched the sunset!

It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day!!

After our sunset walkie, Mama and I watched some television

Went to sleep early so we would be bright eyed and bushy tail for our ride HOME!!!

Join us next week as we head home on the final day our 
14 States in 10 Days tour!!!

Happy Travel Tuesday!!

Today is all about the final day on our 14 States in 10 Days tour as we drive the last 8 hours home to DADDY!!!!

You sure you don't need me to drive, Mama?? No??
Well let's get going then!!!

Mama being....well, Mama we decided to drive mostly along the ocean for this drive! You may recognize the places in some pictures 'cause we stopped in some of the places Murphy and Stanley just visited along the specific ocean in Oregon!!

We took a nice walkie along the beach in Lincoln City....Boy it was nice to be back by Arty's Ocean!

We met these two silly birds who tried to give us some bad directions!! Go SOUTH Mama, not NORTH where they are pointing their beaks!

We took our next walkie in Otter's Rock, OR.
we never actually found any Otters on any rock and didn't see any rocks that even looked like Otters.

We did find this crazy hole named the Devil's Punchbowl. The water comes in and fills it up through the little tunnel on the far side!

Here I am enjoying the salt air next to lighthouse near Newport, OR

It is called the Yaquina Head Lighthouse!
They also have a lighthouse on Yaquina Bay, but we didn't go to that one.

I know we have said it before, but Oregon is so very beautiful!!

I was starting to get a little impatient after lunch and just couldn't WAIT to get home to Daddy!!

I let Mama make one more scenic stop just north of Brookings, OR and then after my squirrel mischief experience (you can read about that by clicking HERE), I made her drive straight home!!

I was even kinda happy to see my silly brothers too!!!

It was so very nice to take a nap on my own couch that night and sleep in my own bed!!!

Mama and I had a blast on our journey and made bunches of great memories!! Thank so much for joining us as we made our way to Wisconsin and back. If you missed any of the installments or want to read about all of our travels at the same here, click on the Travel Tuesday tab at the top of the page, or click HERE to transport over!!

Stay tuned next week when Me and Mini Me tell you about Mama and Daddy's trip to Texas!!

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