About Us - By Mama

Bilbo is a Lhasa Apso and is the oldest of our pack at 15 years old. Bilbo came to our family in July of 2002 and was our first dog as a married couple (we had been married about 16 months). Bilbo is our "boss" and is the first to wake us up in the morning and the first to tell us when it is time to go to bed. Bilbo is a loner and these days and when he isn't sleeping in his bed, he loves munching on his pumpkin crunchies!

Some of Bilbo's most popular posts are:

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Pumpkin Crunchies

Jacob is a 10 year old Lhasa Poo mix. He came to us at around 3 years old from Forgotten Friends/Mixed Breed Rescue on May 15, 2010. 


Arty is a 5 year old Shi-Tzu-Mix who came to us through our fostering efforts with Austin Dog Alliance. Something about his little boy face just told us he was suppose to stay in our family. He originally came from Williamson County Animal Shelter.