Fun Vacation Planning!

Mama and Daddy finally told us about how this year, instead of abandoning us to go away, Bilbo would be getting a week long vacation with Nanny Ally and the rest of the family is going camping

 We are planning things we want to do!

...and making lists of things not to forget!
If any of you have been camping we would appreciate any and all advice you could give us!

 We are going to head up the 101 and go around the Washington State Peninsula!!

 We don't leave until the end of April...

...but we CAN'T WAIT!!!


Thursday Tidbits

 We wanted to share a couple tidbits with you today...
First off..make sure to stop by Monday for a special Blogville Announcement!

 Next, don't forget that on Friday, April 7th we will start holding Flower Friday every week!

Finally, make sure you tune in tomorrow, we will be telling you all about our upcoming family vacation!!

Thanks for stopping by for Thursday Tidbits!!


Happy Spring!!!

Wake up Dory!!! It's the first day of SPRING!!

But it's raining outside  Mama! 
Shouldn't the sun be out on the first day of Spring??

That's ok Dory, we can play indoor games!!

Hello little Bunny, want to play a game???

We can also have fun doing photo shoots and getting cookies,  Dory!!

Uh oh.....bunny ear season

Maybe you should just wake me up when it's Summer,  Boyz....


Arty the Leprechaun's #ChewyInfluencer Adventure!

 Arty here today to tell you about my St. Patrick's Day Adventure!!
It all started when Mama put this silly leprechaun hat on!! For some reason Dory and Jakey thought I was a leprechaun and CAPTURED ME!!!
They demanded that I take them to my "Pot of Gold"!! 
Sheesh, I didn't know what I was going to do, Dory and Jakey are bigger than me, they might hold me down and tickle me to death if I didn't think of something!!

 Then I remembered....We hadn't done our #Chewyinfluencer review yet!!
 Chewy.com sent us Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixer Superblends to review this month. I bet I can convince Dory and Jakey that Stella & Chewy's is BETTER than a pot of gold!!

 I don't know Arty, it has a pretty package, but it doesn't look gold...
Oh, but Dory, wait until you taste it! It is full of Cage Free poultry and nommy organic fruits and veggies!! It will be goldeny delicious!!

 I don't know Arty, I don't like things mixed with my foodies...
But Jakey, this can be used as a treat too! You don't have to have it mixed with your foodies!!

 But Arty, can you eat it?? You know how careful I like to be with your foodies!
Et tu, Mama?? No worries, just look at the first few ingredients! Nommy duck and other poultry. Plus there are no grains, gluten or fillers! It will be easy on my tummy AND my itchies!

 We just put one scoop on top of our kibble, added a couple of tablespoons of water...

...and mixed it together...

Voila!! Just smell that golden nomminess!!
(We offered some to Bilbo, but he told us he would try it later when he gt up from his mid-afternoon nap).

 OMD Arty, you are right, this is BETTER than a pot of gold!!

 Oh Arty, these make a nommy treat too!! These tan nuggets are MUCH BETTER then golden nuggets!!

 Whew....in that case I think this leprechaun is going to chow down!!!

 Needless to say, we give Stella and Chewy's Meal Mixer Superblends 12 paws up! We will be on the lookout for kibble toppers when we head out on vacation at the end of April,  and will be keeping Stella and Chewys in mind!!

Thanks Chewy.com for your fast service and terrific customer service!!!
Being a #chewyinfluencer is so much FUN!!!

Chewy.com provided us with a sample  of Stella & Chewys Meal Mixer Superblends in exchange for our (and sometimes Mama's) very own honest opinion

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks to Oz for hosting!


Flower Friday - The St. Patrick's Day Edition!

Welcome to a special, St. Patty's Day edition of Flower Friday!! Today we are going to do something a bit different.

Patty the Roosevelt Elk and I are going to take you for a ride through one of the pretty Redwood Forests in our area to see some St. Patrick's Day greenery!

Here is the Eel River on one of the few a beautiful morning!
It looks so sparkly green, don't you think?

There has been lots of rain and winds this winter, so we weren't surprised to see some fallen branches and trees. This tree has some pretty greenery still growing on it!!

Here are some more downed trees in a creek bed!

Patty and I searched and searched for a 4 leaf clover in this field!

We didn't need a 4 leaf clover's luck to appreciate the green beauty of 
the clover with the Redwood trees in the background!

We even found a pretty yellow flower (Mama thinks it is an Evergreen Violet) in all the clover for the Flower part of Flower Friday!!!

Patty dropped me off at this log where Baby Groot was doing a public appearance to promote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  He and I had a nice chat and I got this ussie AND a Groot-agraph for Mama (She has a big crush on Baby Groot!) 

I hope you enjoyed this special St. Patty's Day edition of Flower Friday! 

Make sure to join us on April 7th to kick off the 2017 Flower Friday Season!!

Post pictures of your flowers and hop aboard the Winter Flower Friday Blog Hop! They can be flowers blooming in your area now or your favorite pictures of flowers from a Spring or Summer memory!!
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