Thankful Thursday - Daddy

 Today I want to give a special shout out to my Daddy!!

 He always picks me up if I get tired during our walkies...what a great guy!

Thanks Daddy, for always being around when I need a lift!!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Mama and Daddy are heading out for a long weekend. Since the ummm...unauthorized purchases on Mama's Fleasa's card during their last getaway.... they are not leaving us the password to the Wi-Fi. Through the magic of Blogville, we will have blog posts (including the the Flower Friday Blog Hop) for each day,  but we won't be able to catch up with Blogville until they get back on Tuesday. 

The good news is, Mini Dory is going with them to document their travels and make sure they stay out of trouble!

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Not So Wordless Nemesis Wednesday

That's him Mama!!!


I'll get you one day, my Stellar Nemesis!!!

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Travel Tuesday - The Mini's in Texas

Happy Travel Tuesday Y'all!! Mini Arty and Mini Jakey here today to tell you about our trip to Texas!!!

We forgot how much fun air travel could be. We made sure Mama got a window seat and, oh boy were we glad she did,  because we were lucky enough to see a beautimous sunrise along with some very strange farm circles!!

Gramma and Grandaddy live in the Hill Country outside of Austin. Since both our Aunt and Uncle(along with their families) were staying with them, we decided to stay at the same LQ Arty and Mama stayed in last year!!

We slept in a great big king size bed and even let Mama sleep in the same 6 inches she sleeps in when she is home BOL!

The LQ has a great big sitting area where we did some morning people watching!

Most days, after we people watched, we went and visited family! We caught up on what everyone had been up to in the past year. Uncle Rocky has grown into quite the big dog...and Mama says his head is bigger than Bilbo used to be! Uncle Cowboy is still a big ole golden lover bug and Sorrell is still the kitty in charge!


...and the humans are still all silly, as usual!

Some mornings, before we went to visit the family,  we played with Baby Groot! Mama says he can be a trouble maker...but we always have such a good time with him!

What Mama??? 
We were just doing a bit of bed jumping...Really, we're all ok!

That Baby Groot sure knows how to have fun!!

We had lots fun hanging out by the pool and soaking up the Texas heat too!
I know that may sound funny to some of you, but remember we live in an area that doesn't get above 65-70F(18-21C) all year.

One morning, we went with Mama for a photo shoot walk around the small town of Marble Falls!

Where they had lots of cool storefronts...

...cool sculptures...


...even a FROGGY fire hydrant!!

 It was nice walking around and enjoying the scenery!

Big Texas skies...

Lake Marble Falls

There were a couple of cool thunder storms too!!

 We had front row seats for a few sunsets!

There is nothing quite like a Texas sunset....

...except for maybe the Texas fireworks we watched on Independence Day!
Luckily we minis aren't scared of loud noises...there were some pretty big booms!

Mama said we couldn't go home until she had breakfast at the famous Bluebonnet Cafe! 

Before we knew it we were on our way back home!
We had a safe flight home and we must say, the cooler weather sure felt good on our fibers when we got off the plane!

We all had a wonderful time visiting the Hill Country, and especially visiting  family!!

Make sure to join us on Friday when we show you the flowers we saw during our visit on Flower Friday!


Sunday Smiley Selfie

Today we had Mama help take a Boyz Only Selfie!!
We hope everyone is having a Smiley Sunday!!

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Caturday Art with Cousin Sorrell

This week we combined PicMonkey(mirrored effect) and Pizap(Sepia and Frame) to"artify" our beautiful kitty cousin Sorrell!

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Seeing Beautiful with Dahlias on Flower Friday!

Happy Special Dahlia Flower Friday!!!

Mama and I, Jakey, couldn't think of a better way to celebrate {This Moment} See Beautiful than with a special Sequoia Park Dahlia Flower Friday!

That's right, the dahlia blooming is in full swing here in our corner of Blogville...

...and there are no shortage of beautiful blooms in all color!!

In fact, we found so many beautiful blooms we had Mama make a video!

You can also click HERE to watch the video on YouTube

There are so many different varieties of dahlias...

...and so many beautiful colors!!

Mama did get a bit teary eyed when she saw all the beautiful pink dahlias.

They will always remind her of Dory.

We reminded her to think of all the smileys Dory brought to her, Daddy and all of Blogville when she smiled in the dahlias! Arty and I made sure to follow Dory's example and gave Mama lots of big smileys!

We hope you all See Beautiful this weekend!!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!

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