Monday 'Minders Holiday Style

 Things are really starting to look festive around here...Mostly, this means Mama has taken out the holiday props. But it also means it's getting closer to a couple of F-U-N Blogville Howliday events we want to remind you about!

 First up is the Blogville Holiday Traditions Blog Hop!
Do you and your family have something special you do every Howliday season?? Maybe you make cookies, or visit a Christmas Village or go on a walk to see Howliday lights??
Make sure to save December 22nd to share your tradition post and hop aboard the Blogville Holiday Traditions Blog Hop! We can't wait to see how the Howlidays are celebrated all over the Blogville world!

 Next up is the event of the season!

 The Blogville 2017 New Years Eve Bash!
Brush off your dancing shoes, get your fancy duds cleaned and be ready to celebrate New Year's Eve in style! Mabel and Arty will be decorating the Blogville Dance Hall, Abby Lab will be preparing some delicious treats and Ruby's Margarita Truck will be fully stocked for a New Year's Eve Bash that will usher in 2018 in style!! Whether dog, cat, bird, bunny or any other anipal, ask your favorite dancing partner or come ready to find one, this is going to be the pawty of the year! 
Email your picture to our assistant(aka Mama) at
bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com by December 22nd! 
We will be doing our annual Blogville Portrait at the end of the pawty, so make sure to get your photos in!!

We hope to see you all around Blogville this Howliday season!! 


Black and White Dogs on Selfie Sunday

Rosy and I agreed to do this week's Ussie for Mama as long as she agreed to computer magic to dress us up.  She agreed as long as WE promised to snuggle peacefully with no biteys or growlies....and since ERNIE was watching us, we agreed.

Life is full of compromising, especially during the howlidays!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop!


Caturday Pawtrait Art

Today, we are combining Sepia Saturday with a bit of Lunapic Caturday Art using this
nice family pawtrait of us pups during our afternoon siesta!

We hope everyone gets a Saturday Siesta today! 

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!


Heeee's Baaaaccccckkkkkk!!!

As some of you might have noticed, Ernie the Elf came down from the shelf earlier this week to SPY on us for Santa Paws!

We all got together and brainstormed and finally, Rosy came up with an idea!!

We put a JINGLE BELL around Ernie the Elf's neck while he was sleeping, so we could hear him coming!!
(this way we could make sure we were being good)

We don't know HOW you got the bell on your neck Ernie....It wasn't us, we PAWMISE!


UH OH....we don't think Ernie believes us..
Maybe we need another idea?

PeeEss...We are letting Mama take tomorrow off for her Barkday we will return on Saturday! 
Make sure to join us next Friday for 
the December Year End Flower Friday wrap up!!


Playin' with the Big Dogs

Rosy here today to show you how much fun I have at my training class!

Here is a short video of me during recess!
Watch it HERE on YouTube

Yep, I'm runnin' (or at least hoppin') with the big dogs now!!