May Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Month!!!

Just look at all the amazing May Birthdays in Blogville!!!
 May 4th - Lightning - The Chronicles of Woos
May 8th (Mother's Day) - Baby Belle - Military Wife and Pug Life
May 11th - Millie - Bird Brains and Dog Tales
May 17th - Bilbo - Da DB Boyz
May 21st - Freya Rose - Catflap Cavalier and Ark
May 21st - Addi - Oreo's Cookie Jar
May 21st - Lily - Two French Bulldogs
May 21st - Jessie - The Legacy Chronicles
May 22nd - Roxy - Down Under Daisy
May 22nd - Finley - Finley's Fables
May 31st - Frankie - Frankly and Ernestly Speaking
 May 31st - Arty - Da DB Boyz

Join us in wishing all them all a very Happy Birthday Month!!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Tylee's 30 Day Challenge Wrap Up #ChewyInfluencer

 Arty here today to wrap up my Tylee's 30 Day Challenge!

I reaaallllllly enjoyed this food, and Mama loves that it is made with human grade food! She also says my coat is a bit thicker and not as dry as it was before we tried this food!

 I would definitely recommend this as a topper for medium to big dogs and even as a day to day food for pups my size and smaller! That being said, Jakey doesn't like anything but plain ole kibble so Mama says we may buy this again for topper for my foodies,  but it didn't make enough of a difference helping my itchies for us to order it regularly.

We love being a #chewyinfluencer and appreciate Natalie giving me a chance to review Tylee's Turkey Recipe!!


(I received a month's supply of Tylee's Turkey Recipe Human Grade foodies in exchange for my honest review)


Flower Friday - Changing Seasons

Happy Flower Friday!! 
Mama here this week too talk about the change in seasons...along with some changes coming to our blog. One of my photography projects/goals on my other blog this year is to take a picture of the local Sequoia Gardens once a month to document the seasonal changes. Above are January through April.  As you can see, in April, the beautiful weeping Japanese Cherry Tree started to bloom, really adding color to the gardens! I like to think Dory had a bit of influence to make this happen!

This Columbine  has seen better days....and is a bit worse for wear.

I can relate and I have to say I feel a lot like it does some days, a bit ragged around the edges. I've been a bit lost blogging lately, trying to find Arty and Jakey's voices while living without having my gal pal and her silly smiley.

But, like this bright yellow Columbine, I know that I will bloom again...I just need to take some time and regroup.

I am looking forward to spending a week with Jakey and Arty(and my hubby) and sharing a fun adventure with them.

Like this first purple columbine blossom, we are starting with one thing at a time. For now, you will probably notice our Blogger Signature has changed to Da DB Boys(DB short for Dory's Backard). I'm still working on our Wordpress and Disqus signatures, but they should be changed over soon.

Dory will still live in our hearts and shower her angel love like the petals of this Japanese Cherry Tree and, as I update our About Us page, I will be adding a Tribute Page for our sweet girl.

Hmmmmm, help??? Yellow violet or yellow pansy...???
In the next month, Dory's Backyard will transform into Da DB Boyz as Arty and Jakey find their voices(with Bilbo to add his two cents).  I want to thank all of you for helping me through the past three weeks. Keeping focused on Spring Break and Blogville has helped me more than you will every know.

Although we have a Saturday and Sunday post coming up, The Hubby, Boyz(Arty and Jakey) and I will be adventuring the wilds of Washington while Bilbo is showered with tons of love by Nanny Ally.

Jakey wants to assure everyone that he will be here next Friday to host the next Spring Installment of Flower Friday!!

Post pictures of your flowers and hop aboard the Winter Flower Friday Blog Hop! They can be flowers blooming in your area now or your favorite pictures of flowers from a Spring or Summer memory!!
(click HERE if the hope link doesn't show up to be transported to our Hoppity Page)


Campin' With Da Boyz

This Saturday we are taking Mama and Daddy on a BIG ADVENTURE
and going camping for the first time EVER!!
We will be renting a wheelie house and doing a loop around Olympia Park!
How cool is THAT!??

We are going to stop in the town where they filmed the silly vampire movies that Mama likes...

Then we will be relaxing and communing with nature up by Puget Sound!!

 We'll make sure Mama takes lots and lots of pictures and we'll tell you all about it when we get back!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Flower Friday hosted 
by Mama herself!

WW-Pretty Boy

Why yes, I do feel pretty!!

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!


Almost Time to Travel!!

 I can't believe it, we just got back from Spring Break and it's time to turn around and head back out on another adventure!!!

 That's right Arty, this Saturday we are hitting the road with Mama and Daddy!

Come On Mama...time to get packing!!!
 Read more about our trip this Thursday!!


Hula Dancing the Night Away

As our the 2017 Blogville Spring Break winds down, we gather for some sunset Hula Dancing!

Frankie and Ernie are helping Abby by keeping the Buffet table clean!

Jake must have been a Native King in a past life...he is a natural!

 Hailey is a natural born teacher, teaching Phenny the art of Hula!!

These three seem to have a handle on how to tell a hula story!

Oh My...Looks like Ernie and Frankie might have moved over to Ruby's Margarita truck...looks like they may have had one Rubyrita too many!

Murphy and Ruby are always so very romantic...

Sweet William knows how to move to the beat thanks to his DJ Alter Ego!

So sorry Bentley....Mama may have been a bit punchy when this happened...BOL!

Mayzie must be dreaming of a mysterious boy retriever...

...and Dougie Dog over at Zoolatry is also in his own little world. 
Maybe we should get these two dreamers together!

Mabel and Arty are enjoying some hula alone time!

Even though they just met, Freckles and Lady Shasta look like they have been dancing together forever!

Looks like Jessie and Stanley might just almost got that alone time they were hoping for....Ariel must have had to go back into the sea...sorry you two!

Thank you so much for joining us for this memorable day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

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